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About Team Developer Tips & Tricks Wiki


What is Team Developer Wiki ?

A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simplified mark-up language.
Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites.
The collaborative encyclopaedia Wikipedia is one of the best-known wikis.

The Team Developer Wiki is a place for tips & tricks for anyone building applications using SqlWindows Team Developer.
You can find articles here with small code examples, workarounds, links to (external) tools and offers a huge collection of downloadable samples.

Who adds tips & tricks to the Wiki and provides the content ?

Actually, you can ! The purpose of the Wiki is that the community (you!) add new articles or enhances/corrects existing information.
You do not need any installed tools to change or add info to the Wiki.
Team Developer Wiki is based on the well known MediaWiki software which offers all tools to change content out of the box and is offered to you within the browser.

You only need a registered account (username and password).
When logged in, you can change everything within the Wiki by just using the edit tools offered in the Edit tab which is located at the top of Wiki pages.

It is easy to add content. You do not need to have major knowledge to use it. The Wiki consists of a simple mark-up language which resembles HTML.
You can find documentation on the mark-up in the MediaWiki website here -> www.mediawiki.org
In fact, just press the View source tab (or Edit tab) at the top of this page to see this page as mark-up. As you can see, it is not that hard.

Don't hesitate to add info. If you make mistakes, it does not matter. The Wiki offers a build-in history system, so every change can be reverted by you.
Team Developer Wiki has a testpage where you can experiment by adding text, using the mark-up features.
here -> Test_page

Along with tips you provide, you may upload files. For instance images to show within the article. Or a ready to go source file (as zip).

What content could you provide ?

Anything. It does not matter the subject.
It could be a tip for using a specific TD feature, or info about a third party add-on or a workaround for a TD bug.
It does not have to be rocket-science level. What common knowledge is for you could be a day saver for someone else.

There are ready to go templates to use when adding a tip. It has a header for the tip description.
Copy the template source and paste it at the location where you want to add the tip. Enter the tip title and the body text.
The preview button (in page edit mode) shows you the result. If it is ok, save it. After that your tip is added to the Wiki !
You can also copy an existing tip source and paste it. Change it accordingly.

Sample vault
Along with the Wiki, there is a domain which contains a huge list of samples.
You can find a sample by using the search option. It has also a sorting feature by clicking on the table headers.

Do you have samples to share ? You can get an account so you can upload them to the sample vault.
Just email me and I will create an account for you.
(The TDWiki account is not the same as for the sample vault account)

Over the years a lot of samples are created and it would be nice to get them all in one location.

Pointer2.png Getting help and info on Wiki usage Pointer.png

This Wiki is based on MediaWiki software which means you can use all features offered in MediaWiki for articles here.

Go to the official MediaWiki website to get all the info.
Here an easy guide on how to change content -> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing

Pointer2.png TODO list Pointer.png

When you have ideas for articles, you can also put them on the TODO list.

  • Here the TODO list.

Pointer2.png Test page Pointer.png

Use the Test page to experiment.