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The next list is a brainstorm on possible additions/changes to the Wiki.
Just add idea's/tips here to get a centralized place for TODO's.

Ideas for new tips:

  • New tip: Describe UpDown custom control
  • New tip: Using (U)LONGLONG WinAPI datatype
  • New tip: Set icon for dialogs/forms at runtime
  • New tip: Getting list of processes with their loaded dll's (modules)
  • New tip: Setting a systray icon (and detect clicks on it)
  • New tip: Merging bitmaps
  • New tip: Consume WebServices (SOAP) using MSXML (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • New tip: Getting a list of current opened top level windows of the current application
  • New tip: Send/Present an email using an Outlook template
  • New tip: Remove the extra border from child objects (like datafields)
  • New tip: Getting a sorted index list of UDV arrays
  • New tip: Usage of enumerations (request found in Unify Support Forums)
  • New tip: How to use docking/floating windows
  • New tip: How to use DllRegisterServer/DllUnregisterServer to dynamically (un)register used COM objects (if user is allowed to do so)

Additions/alternations for existing tips:

  • Info on UNICODE, links to whitepapers etc etc
  • Upload missing splash screens for TD versions and links to release notes
  • Fill in missing info on combo-box edit part, sizes and create samples
  • Fill in missing info in How to detect (double) clicks on a window
  • Fill in missing info in How to detect/suppress system commands from a window (minimise, maximise, close etc)
  • Add application info on KCS

Missing samples:

  • Create sample for How to put prefix characters in a string
  • Create sample for How to get the application runtime folder
  • Create sample for Passing arrays in messages (any datatypes)
  • Create sample for Open an empty email in the default email client
  • Create sample for SalCompileAndEvaluate, create resource list with error codes
  • Create sample for stripping datetime elements

Misc ideas:

  • Add 'James' to application samples