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Hello, I have the example "Including Attachments in Outlook" I added the "COM Proxy Class: cOutlook_Application" which is derived from "Outlook_Application" There, I added the Message Action "On Outlook_ItemSend" I added a global variable "cOutlook_Application: objOutlookApplication". I created the instance in "On SAM_AppStartup" Now, all posted Mails are monitored in the log.log!

Now my problem. When I click the button "Send Outlook Mail", then the mail opens. When I wait approximately 10 minutes and then click to "Send" in the mail, then the event "ItemSend" is not fired. Does someone have an idea, why the event is not fired in this case? When I only wait one minute, then the event is always fired.

Is it possible to upload my example?

Best regards Thomas