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Pointer2.png CPU limiter tool to simulate slow workstation Pointer.png

When building applications and test them on your development system may mask issues concerning performance.
In many cases a development system has more horsepower compared to end-user workstations.
Having more memory and highly powered CPU and graphicscard will run applications more efficiently and you might think performance is not an issue.
Until the application is deployed on a low powered machine and users report their complaints about a slow application.

Using a CPU limiter tool you are able to simulate a slow application.
Actions like populate tables, performing calculations and processing business logic, refreshing of screens, database access etc etc will become slower.
You can even limit the performance in such a way that you might get into timeouts when accessing databases or webservices for example.

A free tool to use is BES:

Web.png BES

How to use it:

  • Start BES
  • Start your application
  • In BES, press the TARGET button
  • Select the proces you want to limit
  • Select LIMIT THIS and press YES
  • Press CONTROL. Then select the limit % value by using the slider
  • Use the application having the CPU limit