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This page covers miscellaneous CDK Tips & Tricks


Pointer.pngWhy do old CDK tools fail to work on newer TD versions

You have to use the command line parameter "-MTX" with apps using CDK.
Gupta introduced this with TD 2005 PTF1, TD 2005.1 and TD 3.1 PTF4.

Place the -MTX parameter behind all other parameters in the user tool settings :

   "$Outline $MainWindow $File -MTX"

Pointer.pngHow to merge an application using CDK

The following sample shows how to merge an application and save it back to disk.

First include cdk.apl.

The next function performs the task, it merges Test.apt and saves it as Test_merged.apt:

Function: MergeAndSaveApplication
  Local variables
    cdkApplication: uApplication
    If uApplication.InitFromFile( "c:\\Test.apt" )
      Call SalOutlineMergeIncludes( uApplication.GetOutline( ) )
      Call uApplication.SaveOutlineAsText( "c:\\Test_merged.apt", FALSE )
      Call uApplication.CloseApp(  )