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This page covers miscellaneous TeamDeveloper tips.


Pointer2.png How to get the application runtime folder Pointer.png

To determine from where the application was started, use the following function :

Function: GetRuntimeDirectory
   Local variables
      String: sDir
      String: sDummy
      String: sDrive
      String: sFolder
      ! The next Vis function is from vtdos.apl
      Call VisDosSplitPath( strArgArray[0], sDrive, sDir, sDummy, sDummy )
      Set sFolder = sDrive || sDir
      ! This function will allways return the folder with an ending backslash
      If SalStrRightX( sFolder, 1 ) != "\\"
         Set sFolder = sFolder || "\\"
      Return sFolder

The function SalFileGetCurrentDirectory is not the same !
That function returns the current folder which may change during runtime (eg when changing it programatically or a SalDlgFile function is used.
The GetRuntimeDirectory described here will allways return the folder where the executable was initially started from.

Pointer2.png How to check at runtime, if a given string is a valid window template Pointer.png

To check if a string representing a window template is valid, you can use SalCompileAndEvaluate.
Pass the template name to this function and check the return value (type).

For instance, if you want to check if "frmMain" is a valid template (when you pass that template to SalCreateWindowEx).

   Set sTemplate = "frmMain"
   Set nType = SalCompileAndEvaluate( sTemplate, nError, nErrorPos, nReturn, sReturn, dtReturn, hWndReturn, TRUE, SalContextCurrent( ) )

If nType > 0 the template is valid. If it is 0 (zero) it is invalid.

Here you can download a sample: