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Picture Control, Bitmaps & Icons


Pointer2.png SalExtension: extra picture functions Pointer.png

Some useful functions are created concerning TD images/pictures which are present in SalExtension archive.
For each function, the location in which library you can find them is added.

For TD versions up to 5.1, use the ANSI version of SalExtension archive.
For TD 5.1 and higher, use the UNICODE versions (indicated with W in the zip filename).

Down.png SalExtension archives

SalPicButtonSetFromFile (from SalPic.apl) Loads an image from disk and sets it as picture on a button
SalPicConcatHandle (from SalPic.apl) Concatenates to bitmaps (HBITMAP handle) together
SalPicLoadHandle (from SalPic.apl) Loads a picture ressource and returns the Windows HBITMAP handle
SalPicLoadFromDLL (from SalPic.apl) Loads an icon from a DLL and returns the HIcon windows handle.

The picture number is the resource number, starting at 1

SalPicSetFileX (from SalPic.apl) Inserts a file's contents into a picture.

Supports more formats and better quality than SalPicSetFile

SalPicSetX (from SalPic.apl) Works like SalPicSet, but the resource can be specified in a string
SalPicStringToHandle (from SalPic.apl) Converts a stringbuffer to the Windows HBITMAP handle
SalPicFromClipboard (from SalPic.apl) Copies the content of the clipboard to a picture object
SalPicToClipboard (from SalPic.apl) Copies the content of a picture object to the clipboard
SalPicHandleReplaceColor (from SalPic.apl) Replaces one color of a HBITMAP image with another color
SalPicHandleGetSize (from SalPic.apl) Gets the size (width & height) of an image
VisPicGetType (from VtPic.apl) Returns PIC_FormatBitmap or PIC_FormatIcon for a given VT picture handle
VisPicGetWidth (from VtPic.apl) Returns the width of the image in pixels for a given VT picture handle
VisPicGetHeight (from VtPic.apl) Returns the height of the image in pixels for a given VT picture handle
VisPicGetHandle (from VtPic.apl) Returns the handle of the underlying bitmap (HBITMAP) or icon (HICON).

This handle can be used in all SAL and Windows API functions that expect a HBITMAP or a HICON; including SalPicSetHandle

VisPicGetMaskHandle (from VtPic.apl) Returns the bitmap handle (HBITMAP) of the mask used to

draw transparent bitmaps for a given VT picture handle

VisPicGetLoadFlags (from VtPic.apl) Returns the original PIC_* flags used in the VisPicLoad() call that created the image