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Report Builder then closes.<br>

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Report Builder


Pointer2.png ReportWindows RoundUp formula Pointer.png

Returns any decimalised number rounded UP to the nearest whole.
UnDecimalised input is returned un-rounded.
Allocates no memory for efficiency.
eg 2.2 becomes 3, 2.9 becomes 3 , 2 stays as 2

   NumberIFF( nInput - (NumberTruncate(nInput,0)) ,
   (NumberTruncate(nInput,0)) + 1)

Pointer2.png Report Builder can not find SQL.ini Pointer.png

When starting Report Builder, it could happen that this error message pops up:

RB SqlIni NotFoundError.png

When checking the location of the SQL.ini, there seems nothing wrong.
The file is located in the same folder Report Builder is installed in or in a folder
which is part of the PATH environment variable.

A reason you can check:

When Report Builder is installed, it creates entries in the registry.
Below a screenshot of the registry which holds the clue:

RB Registry SqlIniPath.png

Report Builder then closes.

In the registry (location = "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unify\ReportBuilder 6.1\") there is a setting
for the SQL.ini. When this setting is present, Report Builder does not look for the SQL.ini in the PATH or current install folder
but it looks in the folder defined with this key:

   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unify\ReportBuilder 6.1\Settings\INIFilePath

When you remove this key (or rename it, eg to INIFilePath_OLD) Report Builder will look in the current install folder or PATH
for the SQL.ini. You can also change manually the path to SQL.ini in the registry key when you need a fixed location.

Look for the right location in the registry. The example above is for TD 6.1. So for other TD versions, use the corresponding TD version number.
(Also the subfolder could be Gupta instead of Unify, depending on the TD version).