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This page covers third party tools for screen recording.


Pointer.pngScreen recording your application for demo's or (on-line) training videos

If you want to show your application without having to run it in real life, consider recording it and present it as video.
Imagine these situations :

  • Show application features to customers anywhere you want, publish them on-line on the web or on an Intranet, playing within a simple web browser
  • Create on-line manuals (started from your application) to help end-users showing videos of features
  • Hand out CD's which automatically starts a presentation of your application
  • Record video of hands-on tips and tricks or specific procedures to train developers or system administrators

A very handy tool to create such videos is Camtasia ->

It is commercial software, so it is not free. It offers a simple but powerful toolset to record your screen while using
an application. After recording, the editor offers all kinds of after processing features for editing the video.
The video can also be enhanced with clickable notes, captions, music etc etc.
Video can be exported to many formats (AVI, WMV, Flash etc) and it is possible to create a ready to go webpage which plays
the video using a webbrowser.

A sample of such a screen recording can be viewed on the TDSamples website.
It is a excerpt from a much larger video which is used as subscription for the Unify Development Innovation Awards 2007.
The video shows KCS, a CRM application build with Team Developer and demonstrates how a screen recorded video could look like.