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|[http://wiki.tdcommunity.net/index.php/Networking#Using_NetUserGetGroups_and_NetUserGetLocalGroups Using NetUserGetGroups and NetUserGetLocalGroups]
|[http://wiki.tdcommunity.net/index.php/Install#ProfUIS283u_td.dll_vs._ProfUIS283u-RDE.dll ProfUIS283u_td.dll vs. ProfUIS283u-RDE.dll]
|[http://wiki.tdcommunity.net/index.php/Install#ProfUIS283u_td.dll_vs._ProfUIS283u-RDE.dll ProfUIS283u_td.dll vs. ProfUIS283u-RDE.dll]

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Tips & Tricks history log

Here all tips added to the Wiki listed in chronological order.
Use this page to track newly added tips. Use the Recent changes link in the toolbox at the left to show all changes to the Wiki.

28-10-2010 Using NetUserGetGroups and NetUserGetLocalGroups
21-07-2010 ProfUIS283u_td.dll vs. ProfUIS283u-RDE.dll
24-06-2010 RACON.SQLWindows.UserInterface - UI enhancement library Version 2.0
28-03-2010 Incorrect display of formats in IDE or errors in format conversions at runtime
24-03-2010 How to prevent combobox dropdown
13-03-2010 Download link to Team Developer books on main page
18-02-2010 How to create a new GUID without using CDK
30-01-2010 List of features CDK does not offer
30-01-2010 Callback
26-01-2010 Locate Dynalib issues using DynalibChecker
26-11-2009 Menu Bar vs. Ribbon Bar under the hood
24-11-2009 How to generate a GUID
23-11-2009 Format date and time using GetDateFormat and GetTimeFormat
20-11-2009 How to get the value of environment variables
20-11-2009 How to set the value of environment variables
04-10-2009 SoapUI:Inspecting, invoking and testing WebServices (WSDL/REST)
30-09-2009 Debugger fails to perform "step-over"
29-09-2009 OutlineListbox/Combobox: item values -2 to -6 issue
23-09-2009 RACON SQLWindows UserInterface 1.7
25-08-2009 Winsock wrapper
07-07-2009 ReportWindows RoundUp formula
25-06-2009 How to use the Windows Timer (instead of SalTimer)
13-05-2009 Copy/Paste of ActiveX objects results in : ActiveX object creation failed
08-05-2009 Why are ported top-level windows bigger in TD versions starting from TD3.0
08-05-2009 How to force a window on the taskbar
08-05-2009 Application properties:Suppress tab stops and selection on non-editable datafields
09-04-2009 How to ignore invalid SSL certificates using MSXML
07-04-2009 Fast case-insensitive string comparison
04-04-2009 How to get the elapsed time since the application was started
30-03-2009 How to convert from one base to another (eg decimal to hexadecimal to binary)
19-03-2009 RACON.SQLWindows.UserInterface - UI enhancement library
05-03-2009 How to prevent window resize at top/bottom/left/right/corner locations
20-01-2009 Coexisting runtime versions
14-01-2009 How to (re)position windows on multi-monitor setups
04-01-2009 ResourcesExtract: link to tool website
22-12-2008 How to detect SysColors have changed (Sample showing GetSysColor and SetSysColors)
14-12-2008 Adding tooltips in TD projects using WinAPI_Tooltips module
12-12-2008 GDIView: link to tool website
08-12-2008 Dependency Walker: link to tool website
28-11-2008 Creating process tree using ToolHelp32 to get parent and child processes
24-11-2008 Team Object Manager: How to move files from one project to another
22-11-2008 Issue: can not open multiple TD instances
21-11-2008 Some suggestions for spy/monitoring tools added
21-11-2008 Free XML editor and viewer
17-11-2008 How to ignore/filter characters while typing field text
17-11-2008 How to check if a file is already opened
17-11-2008 How to set and get password display character
17-11-2008 How to force/set listbox horizontal scrollbar width
16-11-2008 How to start or stop windows services
10-11-2008 Where to get WinAPI declarations, constant values and structure layouts
10-11-2008 Workaround for issue : Formats/input masks do not work on dynalib top level windows
22-10-2008 How to prevent displaying scrollbars on top level windows
22-10-2008 How to change the tab order at runtime
22-10-2008 How to flush files using SalProfile functions
21-10-2008 How to get object attributes at runtime
21-10-2008 How to set a toplevel window topmost
21-10-2008 How to check at runtime, if a given string is a valid window template
29-09-2008 Porting to newer TeamDeveloper versions
25-09-2008 Tracing debug output to an external viewer
24-09-2008 MonthCalendar and DateTimePicker
24-09-2008 TrackBar
24-09-2008 Useful path functions
24-09-2008 How to delete a whole directory
19-09-2008 TD build application : KCS
19-09-2008 New page : Examples of real life applications build with SQLWindows Team Developer
17-09-2008 How to get the current Windows user
17-09-2008 How to determine if the current logged-in user is an admin
16-09-2008 Screen recording your application for demo's or (on-line) training videos
06-09-2008 How to format a number of bytes to a formatted string
06-09-2008 How to format a number of milliseconds to a formatted string
25-08-2008 How to set the opacity and transparency color key of a window
25-08-2008 How to bring up a window to the top of all applications programmatically
24-08-2008 How to send a message to the Application Actions section
23-08-2008 How to prevent a toplevel window stealing focus
31-07-2008 Open an empty email in the default email client
27-04-2008 Jump from implementation to declaration in IDE using F2
31-03-2008 How to merge an application using CDK
11-03-2008 How to build applications from command line
11-03-2008 How to get dynamically the type of a variable
13-02-2008 What message is send when a DropDown column item is selected (clicked)
13-02-2008 How to hide the window displayed in the taskbar when a column dropdown list is opened
06-02-2008 What are the errorcodes returned by VisFile functions
04-01-2008 Passing arrays in messages (any datatypes)
23-11-2007 How to detect that CTRL + SPACE was pressed within an graphical Object
09-11-2007 Sample vault
21-10-2007 Dynalibs:How to distinguish exports
12-10-2007 Why do old CDK tools fail to work on newer TD versions
07-10-2007 How to disable Windows themes on your application
04-10-2007 Dynalibs:Issue : case sensitive dynalib filenames
04-10-2007 Dynalibs:Issue : application crashes when it closes
04-10-2007 Dynalibs:Issue : SalCompileAndEvaluate: the performance of the build varies between each build of the dynalib
02-10-2007 How to place the cursor at a specific location in the text
02-10-2007 How to suspend an application for a specific interval
02-10-2007 Get the time which has elapsed since the system was started
02-10-2007 How to set all radiobuttons in the same group to FALSE
02-10-2007 How to make a scrollable but disabled multiline
27-09-2007 How to determine a window exists
27-09-2007 How to fill strings with a specific character
19-09-2007 How to determine dynalib filename
13-09-2007 Team Developer source version numbers
30-07-2007 How to get the toolbar window handle
30-07-2007 How to get the application runtime folder
27-07-2007 Newline representation
27-07-2007 High performance string fills
25-07-2007 TD Source Versions
15-07-2007 How to get the handle of the next child object on a top level window
15-07-2007 How to get the handles of static child objects like label text or group boxes
13-07-2007 How to set value using only the window handle of a checkbox
13-07-2007 How to set the checkbox text at the left
17-03-2007 What is a boolean in TD
17-03-2007 How to determine the column types of a table
11-03-2007 How to detect/suppress system commands from a window (minimise, maximise, close etc)
05-03-2007 How are expressions evaluated
05-03-2007 How to define and use a newline in strings
05-03-2007 How to remove the checkbox from a cell
28-02-2007 How to strip elements from a DateTime
28-02-2007 How to detect GDI leaks
28-02-2007 How to combine two number to one and visaversa
28-02-2007 How to convert a number to string using prefixed zeros
28-02-2007 An alternative way to define a number in boolean expressions
28-02-2007 How to put trailing spaces in a string
28-02-2007 How to put prefix characters in a string
28-02-2007 An alternative way to define a string in boolean expressions
27-02-2007 How to drag a window without a caption
27-02-2007 How to disable internal TD error messages
27-02-2007 Undocumented SAL
21-02-2007 How to set the dropdown list width
21-02-2007 How to programatically open the dropdown list
21-02-2007 How to get the handles of the edit and list parts of a combobox
21-02-2007 How to set the vertical size of the dropdown list programatically
21-02-2007 How to set the height of the edit portion and list entries programatically
20-02-2007 How to detect mouse leaving a window
20-02-2007 How to detect left and right (double)clicks on a window
20-02-2007 How to clear data of an object
18-02-2007 How to copy one object (instance) to another